Midsummer Lovers’ Tale Event!



Hello everyone! We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the current event so – here’s all the answers in one nice convenient post!

Event Name
Midsummer Lovers’ Tale

Event Period
7/30(Mon) – 18:00 to 8/21 21:59(PST)

Event Description
Play with the new rental unit Eina Tulle (A 4★ character!) in your party to earn “Girl Power” that can eventually be used to unlock her as a permanent unit for your party. Continue playing to limit break her as well! The story is original and fully voiced! Don’t miss it! Check out the trailer to find out more about the event here:


New Time-Limited Units Available!

  • 4★ Beach Saint Amid
  • 4★ Summer Goddess Hestia
  • 4★ Offshore Elf Lefiya
  • 4★ Summer Princess Ais
  • 4★ Summer Fun Liliruca
  • 4★ Summer Break Misha

Login Bonuses
Here’s what you can earn by logging in for a total of 14 days during the event period!

Day1 Hero Falna×1
Day2 Irisx50
Day3 Hero Falna×1
Day4 Valis×100000
Day5 Irisx10
Day6 Valisx100000
Day7 Irisx10
Day8 Valisx100000
Day9 Irisx10
Day10 3★+ Gtd. Ticketx1
Day11 Irisx10
Day12 Valisx100000
Day13 Irisx10
Day14 Hero Falna×1